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Yorkshire Quiz No1

All questions relate to Yorkshire

1. Which Yorkshire towns have the following post codes? a) HD b) HG c) HX

2. Where is Last of the Summer Wine (BBC TV) filmed?

3. Who wrote a) Wuthering Heights b) Jane Eyre?

4. On which river is Knaresborough?

5. Which Yorkshire city has the telephone code 01482?

6. What was the county town of the old North Riding?

7. Whose statue stands in City Square, Leeds?

8. Which Quaker public school is near Pontefract?

9. In which year was the English Civil War battle of Marston Moor fought?

10. What is the home ground of Middlesbrough Football Club?

11. Who is the MP for Richmond, Yorkshire?

12. What Wars of the Roses battle was fought on Palm Sunday 1461 east of Leeds?

13. Where was the battle fought and won by King Harold in Yorkshire in 1066?

14. Where is Black Sheep beer brewed?

15. Where was the great batsman Len Hutton born in 1916?

16. Complete the saying ‘Where there’s muck, there’s ……..’

17. What did the Romans call Aldborough?

18. What is the name of the radar early warning station on the North Yorkshire Moors?

19. What is Sheffield’s other university called?

20. Who is the Archbishop of York at present?


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